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13.12.2009 – from newspaper "Klasa":
"Piece for 8 cellos and symphony orchestra" by Dominique Lemaître - "All musicians speak with one voice that hides a remarkable wealth. A continuous, constant improvisation, which can not be compared with other genres in music. And under the baton of Boris Spassov show exceeded all expectations. It is not his first experiment in the field of contemporary music. Boris Spassov has a special affinity for modern authors who combine in an original way the instruments in ensembles and orchestras."
03.11.2008 - Interview in newspaper "Klasa" (Bulgarian language)
08.06.2006 – from newspaper "Culture":
Premiere of "The Magic Flute" by Mozart - "It was identified precise musical work of the conductor Boris Spassov in the direction of ensemble, articulation, phrase temporitam, details stand out with its beauty, elegant and flexible modeling sounds of the orchestra. There is a balance, character for skill and experience in professional opera conductor."
05.05.2006 – from newspaper "Culture":
Premiere of "Giselle" by Adam – "Boris Spassov has been established long ago as one of the most interesting ballet conductors with better understanding of dance dynamics, skilful construction of emotional cream of the joke and so necessary for ballet poetic acoustics. Under his baton the orchestra reached that "vibrating air flow" volume, so congenial to the ballet music of Adam."
20.05.2005 – from newspaper "Culture":
Premiere of "Dido and Aeneas" by Purcell - "The excellent work of the conductor Boris Spassov with singers and instrumentalists demonstrated in precise ensemble with exquisite baroque music interpretation. Boris Spassov with confidence and enthusiasm led the performance. It is rare to watch an unstuffy and sincere in his devotion conductor! And musician with culture and temperament."
14.04.2005 – from newspaper "Diary":
Premiere of "Dido and Aeneas" by Purcell - "The conductor Boris Spassov - irresistible with his exquisite refined sense of music. Beautiful melodic line, expressive musical thought, the harmonic language skillful polyphony, English folk sound, the final popular aria of Dido - the culmination of the opera attracts the enthusiasm of Boris Spassov."
21.03.1994 – from newspaper "Culture":
"Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky - "The implementation of the Sofia Opera Orchestra conducted by Boris Spassov - a talented and already established ballet conductor, was second to none. We have noticed the necessary synergies between stage and orchestra."
24.03.1993 – from newspaper "Early morning":
Premiere of "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky - "Huge contribution to the success of the show at Sofia Opera and Ballet there is and the orchestra led by already approved conductor Boris Spassov. That's why they do not accidentally particular were applauded."
11.05.1989 – from newspaper "Workers’ case":
Premiere of "Notre-Dame de Paris" by Maurice Jarre - "Gifted young conductor Boris Spassov achieves richness of sonority and balance of the orchestra."
17.01.1989 - from newspaper "Workers’ case":
"We welcome and skillful work of Boris Spassov, conductor of the premiere of the ballet "Silfida" by Løvenskiold - great ballet conductor, who also thinks in dance, not only in musical units, but handled quite acceptable romantic sonority of the orchestra including genre episodes."
14.04.1987 – from newspaper "Fatherland Front":
"The new realization of the Opera "Crazy Gidiya" by Parashkev Hadzhiev at the scene of the Rousse Opera Theatre rested firmly on the precise and sure hand of conductor Boris Spassov. The conductor led performances with notable activity and sense of natural rhythm of the musical action."
28.12.1985 – from newspaper "Trud":
"Summaries in "Star no name" by Parashkev Hadzhiev have found the best sides in the orchestra thinking of the composer and they were cleverly extracted and detected by conductor Boris Spassov (hello to softness and restrained lyricism of this excellent young professional)."
02.02.1985 – from newspaper "Danube Truth":
"Logical construction of the form by conductor Boris Spassov was most significant for the interpretation of "Coriolan" Overture and 6th "Pastoral" symphony of Beethoven. Exclusive power of music expression of "Coriolan" Overture, the found true restrained pace, rich sound and superb dynamic nuances supported the successful implementation of the work. The relief outlining of the musical themes of "Pastoral" Symphony, joyous mood in the first part, calm and expression in the slow part, underlined dancing mood and character of the third part, the emotional charge and the spectacular culmination of the fourth section and built a convincing finale were the undisputed success of Rousse Philharmonic and its conductor Boris Spassov."
26.12.1984 - from newspaper "Danube Truth":
"Professional maturity, achieved better sounding orchestra, dynamic range and impressive construction of the two parts throughout the opera "Momchil" by Pipkov, as well as the specific "lyrical" style of symphony 2 by Brahms, relief-outlined emotionally-shaped nature of the musical themes, honors constructed and achieved culmination once again proved qualities of the young conductor Boris Spassov, enthusiastically applauded by the Rousse audience."
26.02.1982 – from newspaper "Musical Life":
"The third concert of the Winter Music Evenings, entrusted to the Rousse Philharmonic conductor Boris Spassov was a pleasant surprise. The robust taste and professional expertise of the young musician made a strong impression. With grace, depth and balance sounded "Five sketches for String Orchestra" by Martin Goleminov and "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi."